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Yes we do! Tell us what you want, and we'll tailor a scheme to suit your exact requirements.
There are now aerials that use brackets which slip under the tiles and attach to the roof timbers, enabling the aerial to be mounted on a mast which places it comfortably above the ridge of your roof. If there are any other aspects of your television and radio reception, or distribution, you would like to discuss, please contact us and we will be pleased to submit our recommendations for your consideration, all entirely free and without obligation.
Dab is the radio version of Digital TV. Broadcasts are made using Digital, rather than the old Analogue signal and this results in a better quality sound and virtually no interference to spoil your listening pleasure. We can supply and install a DAB aerial to ensure that you get the best possible reception.
All current plasma, LCD and LED TV's have built in attachment points, which enable them to be mounted on your wall (or even hung from the ceiling!). Please contact us and we will arrange to call and survey the proposed fixing point, to ensure that it is suitable, and quote you a fixed price for carrying out the work, all entirely free and without any obligation.
Freeview is digital TV received by an aerial from a land based transmitter, through a set top box (with older TV's), or built into all modern sets. Freesat is also received via a set top box, but is increasingly being built into many of the latest TV's. Transmissions are from a satellite, so a dish is required. In areas where Freeview via an aerial is patchy, or in the worst cases unobtainable, Freesat can often be the perfect solution. It also has the advantage that currently over 180 TV and radio channels are available, against about 80 for Freeview. One final bonus, is that both Freeview and Freesat are, as their names suggest, entirely free, once the equipment to receive them has been purchased, there are no ongoing charges whatsoever.
HD or High Definition, is a recent innovation that provides a vastly improved picture quality. All current sets are HD ready, but do need a set top box, unless your TV is one of the latest models, which incorporate Freeview HD, or Freesat HD. We can provide, and set up the whole package for you, or we could just upgrade your aerial or dish, if you already have your own HD box, or TV.
If you are still using one of the aerials designed for analogue reception, you may be having problems obtaining satisfactory reception of the digital signal. You may be losing certain channels, have poor signal strengths, or pixelation, where the picture breaks up into small squares. All these problems will usually be resolved by the installation of an aerial specially designed for reception of the digital channels. We can install the most suitable type of digital aerial for your circumstances, meter test for acceptable signal strengths and retune all your equipment, all for a very competitive fixed price.